Exit Popups – Are Traditional Exit Popups Dead?

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The Only Exit Traffic Plugin You'll Ever Need With Video “Autoplay Ready” Technology Built-In…

For YEARS now, marketers have been using traditional exit popups to boost sales, optins and, ultimately, profits by offering up something of value to visitors about to leave the page.

But… without warning, Chrome and Safarie killed them off, replacing your marketing text with a generic “don't lose your changes” message…

Put bluntly, old fashioned exit popups are dead.. and they're never coming back.

So we developed something much better that your customers and subscribers will love even those people not currently using exit traffic plugin because they will see how WP Traffic Up can impact their business.

WP Traffic Up Plugin Walkthrough:

exit popups

We all know exit popups work.

Marketers for years have been using them to make the most out of traffic.

But there are some people out there that still refuse to use them and I get why…

They were ugly.

Well the “ugly” exit popups are now dead and they aren’t coming back.

Chrome and Safari recently made changes to their browsers that rendered them obsolete.

Some people will be happy while others who were using traditional exit popups are disappointed.

Well a new WordPress plugin just launched and you need to see it in action if you want to start capturing exit traffic.

It’s called WP Traffic Up and it’s totally different than anything else out there.

Here’s an overview of how it works…

When someone goes to leave your page/site, they will be shown a full page that slide up using 9 built-in animation effects.

You specify the URL people will be shown when they leave your site. So this can be an optin page, affiliate offer, squeeze page, webinar signup form, one of your sales pages, or anything else. Heck, you don’t have to own the site.

But the really awesome thing about this plugin that makes it really unique is that those pages can even have autoplay videos on them. WP Traffic Up is the ONLY plugin or piece of exit intent software that will do this.

So if you weren’t using exit popups before, you will now: Here

Right now, the price is under $10 for an unlimited site license and these guys are even giving you access to the private Traffic Up Facebook group where they answer questions, support the product, and show you some ninja stuff on how to make money using this plugin.

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