Bluehost Review – Don’t Buy Until You See This Review of Bluehost Service.

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Bluehost Review – Don't Buy Until You See This Review of Bluehost Service.

hi this is Chris and I'm doing a up to host review
I might try to take you into a little bit deeper dive in
you may see in some other reviews and that try to give you some quality
give you some things that smothers may not give you information on so you can
think about
you can see here in the front page you see all your unlimited domain hosting
King about hosting
file transfers email accounts you get free domain for China
thirst free Site Build Secure Shell Ruby and I'll show you a few more things here
in a control panel
a course underdog dollar Google advertising offer no one actually show
you where I thinking about three hundred twenty-five dollars with free stuff
gone with Bluehost now wanna give you a little a
housecleaning if you go down into the description in click on that link
it will always be connected to your best discount for
blue hosting go ahead and click on that link in the description
and I'll be your best discount if I can provide for you today some additional
only other thing I ask is make go ahead make a positive comment
and also like this video of you make that
how also hang in there with me and I'll be some information in the description
not provide you some free SEO
search engine optimization information so
let's go ahead and get started one thing that I like about the ghost I do use to
and have used him for over seven years I have you some other hosting
my website didn't show up the times but I have never had that problem with
or pop in here and let me show you some features real quick you also have
email forwarding unlimited email accounts
your see panel FTP access web File Manager
hotlink protection when you have some scripts
any need override your HT access file you have the ability to do that
you need site statistics see him any biz reach you have
you accessed have access to that your log files you can customize your air
ulysses have your CGI database information
these are all the databases that are available through Bluehost site
they have that those options to free website scripts
look all these you have access to quality hosting right there
i canna laugh as I as I see that some these other two main house
there some you can get do some daddy's you can do some monsters
but when you're ready to have a professional web hosting Blue Host
is the host for you has your e-commerce features
they have some several one click downloads
I used some OS commerce someone my sites as well
some other shopping cart options any streaming video support in
here age we may not get anywhere else world-class technology
dual quads core processors on their servers
they have at the UPS power back up
and diesel generator backup power so if English
to normal power like a from
from the city again generators your Linux operating system
those are known to perform well 24/7 network monitoring
carsey site back up and look even have multiple 10 gig Ethernet connections
that it's that that the latest in high-speed technology right there
also know point out here something you may not know
%uh a lot of other hosts actually worried data centers
Blue Host as you see here highlighted in blue
they monitor meant maintain their Hong 100 percent in-house data center
that means all the servers all the power all the backup
is ther own thats blue hosts now
some other vendors may provide some good services but they're probably written
from Bluehost
so if you wanna go with the source in the people that know what they're doing
blue house that's definitely the way to go now
I'm gonna show you next the new dashboard in this is it right here
I think they call this their new control panel but really there's as control
panel feature here which I'm a shiny in just a few moments
or as I like to call this year kinda view your dashboard or your heads up
for those %uh view the ending kinda military knowledge or any many pilots
heads-up displays hey I want everything right here with my hand up
I can see when I wanna see when I need to see it don't want to get too messy
panel bone their tears
now wants the server stats but I'm to need to change passwords
but I'm all those things are are right there any
see it's very easy to get to so it is germane to Massey panel so let's show it
real quick
as are you can set up your email accounts if you wanna hit webmail
you can turn on spam filtering are spam hammer
there's also half orders if you want to take all your email addresses and forget
to say a gmail account or something that you
frequently get into autoresponders
there's people that well sell you monthly access to all responders here
you can have one on your own domain right here
with a basic mailing list step down here's your website builders
yet we're press simple scripts in their simple scripture
as our really been replaced now with motor market place you'll see right here
below it
these actually take you to the same places well you'll just have multiple
ways to access it currently Weebly you get
at least free six pages main from Weebly we please Inc
a good side and they can give me some link you say fear into search and
1-click installs all these things that hey is it really going to be easy for me
and install
yes it is and I'm gonna pop there right and just a couple of seconds here
has your site Backup Pro they do kersee site backups
you can do file manager and found manager or the legacy file manager
they both work pretty similarly in it and it's really likeI after
having a couple Windows Explorer when those up being able to
just upload a file by by hidden click Browse up alone
FTP can serve you wanna quit create those unlimited FTP actually you don't
even have to download
a third-party FTP and issues and limited FTP
and let you upload and download files really quick
you need to manage your domain quick buttons
you can register it you can transfer from another vendor
a you can access all your subdomain to be on Park want
redirects clout fares at over here to the
a ride is a really cool feature which actually singer information into the
it gives you an extra protection and also speeds up the delivery of your web
that is a great feature as again another
option that Google looks and search engine optimization
you can see multiple places here to do multiple things if you're lucky domain
there's few things you can upgrade to professional services air
here some promotions there's a hundred-dollar AdWords
there's a fifty dollar credit here a fifty dollar credit here there's two
hundred dollars right there
hit for Yellow Pages here's another 25 S two hundred twenty-five dollars have
promotional credits that you can get you can see you can get your own free
Yellowpages you can tell I this is made
for a professional business right here I'm gonna jump right down here
a pass from these others look at oDesk oDesk if you need something
inexpensive work done for you here's another free hundred dollar credit
Blue Host is just quality hosting I have used their support before as well
I've used both chat creating a ticket
enough column I did have someone there hack into my camera on other pages i
heading girl that was ranked number one for the key word I was
hand trend still smiling too so they helped find it for me
in its 1-click installs them therefore Press
you're right there 1-click installs his mother
powerful content management right here 1-click installs
it will have you up and running very quickly official mother's phone and
forms one and casper exceptions live chats to your
to your website's quality right there the only other thing that I wanted to go
I scroll down to how to videos
if you're in New any in your not sure what you wanna do their plan have had
two videos
and help in the chats and farms so
or more thing click and then link in the description you get the best discount
and like this video in you do there and house have some information and a
and I will send you some free search engine optimization information
hey thanks for listening and of profits to yeah theme
the night
the names

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